tci manual valve body 727
tci manual valve body 727

TorqueFlite 727 with JW forward manual valve body, TCI 3500 converter, B M Pro-Stick shifter. 1964 Dodge 440, interior  Transmission Torqueflight 727-A Standard first gear set TurboAction reverse manual valvebody 5.0 kickdown lever. TCI deep pan and pickup. ATI 9 - 4600 stall TCI 727, reversal manual valve body, 9 converter, 3500 stall, transbrake, line lock, SCS Cheetah turbo shifter. Chrysler 8 3/4 posi, 4.10 gears. If I would put a manual valvebody in it would save the clutches but be hard on the other parts oldhead, I would think the stock valve body is pretty dependent on the accumulators that . I use TCI or TPW hard parts. I always use type F fluid in all my 727, turbo 400 and 350 trans it can handle more heat,  automatic Transmission torqueflite 727 Photo 9192010 The one I use is TCI-prepped with a TCI manual valve body. I usually run First or  Dimensions are very close to the 904 and 727 except for length and extra Refer to the COMPUSHIFT Mini Manual for details on how to set up and install the system. This trans features high output bands and clutch packs, valve body and Also includes our Toque Max torque converter is stall speeds up to 2600rpm. 904 727 made from alm with steel seal rings parts.htm The TCI does a better job with the valve body than . is this located i cant find it in my service manual sorry to ask so many questions. sorry to hear that the 727 is deceased, like holes in the block a dead trans is Question, when you have a manual valve body, isn t the Another question, is there any inspecting I can do to the torque converter Is there any  Decided to buy a manual valve body have heard good things about Hughes, bad things about TCI, and First guy puts gives me to a trans specialist, who doesn t believe I have a 1990 727, then says that he wouldn t know  The A-727 transmission is non lockup. The lock-up A lock-u ) solenoid on the valve body transfer plate, is po~verrc The manual valve provides the different transmis- sion drive . the lock-up clutch, in the torque converter, is func- tioning. chrysler 727, 904, 998, and 999 all use a common valve body. Summit has He went with the TCI manual valve body and a B M rachet shifter.

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